Pompeii Private Tour

Pompeii is the most visited archeological site in the world.

It is a World  Heritage Site since 1997 and the number of visitors has touched 3 million visitors in the year 2016.

Wondering ancient Pompeii, it often happens to meet a lot of people missing many must-see details, distracted by analyzing hazy instructions on maps or old signs on walls.

A guided tour of Pompeii is a plunge back in time.

A selected choice of areas will give you a deep insight into the lifetime of 2000 years ago in an ancient Roman town.  You will visit the highlights : the Suburbs on the way-in,  the Gladiator’s Gym,  the Theatre, main streets lined  by shops, restaurants, mills, you’ll enter rich Roman dominions and browse in common houses; not to be missed the “grand” Roman Forum  surrounded by temples, main markets and public buildings and at the background  the profile of Vesuvius looming down the town.


You will also get in touch with one of most moving thing there: to understand why Pompeii is the only place in the world where you can face a person  of 2000 years ago thanks to the unique plaster casts of its inhabitants preserved there.

At your choice, we can add a stop at Pompeii “red light district”.

You can have a confident conversation with a licensed guide speaking fluent English and happy to answer to your questions  or enjoying you with funny anecdotes and stories.

The tour is lasting 2 hours or we can arrange a longer visit according to your requests.

The tour is suitable for everybody: all ages are welcome.

You will SKIP THE LINE at the ticket office because an official tour guide has a dedicated line to buy entrance fees for you.

Highly recommended comfortable shoes and hats.

Not included in the price: entrance fees, lunch, gratuities.


On request,  I can provide a private car or mini-van service from your hotel  accommodation, airport, port, train station or elsewhere, to the final destination. 

You can even add a stop on the way to visit an archeological site or one of the pearls in the area.   BEST PRICE IN THE AREA FOR A TRANFER SERVICE

You can also book for a shared transfer with other guests  : ask for a  DOOR TO DOOR SHUTTLE SERVICE